The method SIMPLE natural, intuitive and spontaneous. It is based on play as a natural mechanism for children to self-regulate and cultivate. Every living organism plays – animals, leaves and tree branches, even water and air. This is the natural way to develop.

The game is a spontaneous and intuitive movement leading to development. Through it the child achieves the synchronization of the elements that build personality – motorics, knowledge, language and emotions.

Due to different environmental influences, a lot of children stop playing or don’t play naturally. They lose the intuition, the spontaneity, the skills of the “real” game, and the process of synchronization. For example, if there is excessive area, such as motor skills. Then a hyperactive child is observed.  In case of excessive care in a simple area for example motorics

What does S.I.M.P.L.E. mean for your child?

Watch a short video presentation to learn how each element of the method affects children’s development:

The human child is an extremely intelligent being who has the necessary tools and mechanisms to develop itself successful. In order to achieve synchronized development, it is enough to make the game happen in a suitable living environment. In this “organic” natural environment, the child feels what, when and how to learn.

The innovative approaches and techniques for constructing such an environment are developed by Development ReStart and integrate the contemporary achievements of anthropology, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, neuropsychology and psychiatry.

SIMPLE combines psychomotor, pedagogy and systems approach.

The method is SIMPLE because the game is „simple“. It is complicated to design and maintain this „organic“ natural environment in the daily life of our fast-paced world.

The SIMPLE method increases the resistance of children to stress and harmful effects. Helps restore normal functioning for children with developmental disabilities.

It is applicable and effective for all children aged from 0 to 7 years.