SIMPLE method for balanced child development from 0 to 7 years.

Development ReStart

Development ReStart is an institute, supporting, facilitating, promoting the development and growth of children and their parents. It is founded by Violeta Kisimova, author of the SIMPLE method for balanced child development.

Development ReStart

Our credo

We believe that health is an approach to life and each person determines his potential for physical and spiritual well-being. We accept as our mission to strengthen and upgrade the resources of children and parents to adapt them to various physical and social environments and situations. It allows us to cope with the demands and challenges of daily life, reduce stress and increases quality of life. In our opinion, the new culture for children and parents is the intention of our clients to develop their personal responsibility and to participate in the achievement of health.

Violeta Kisimova

Our services

SIMPLE method for balanced child development.

Personal activities with children using method SIMPLE

Strengthens and improves the child's resources for adapting to various physical and social environment. Increases its resistance to stress and external influence.

Group activities with children using method SIMPLE

Creates a base conditions for improving social skills, communicating with no force, respect and acceptance.

Appling method SIMPLE in working with siblings

SIMPLE Integrates and validates positive models of communication between children

SIMPLE for babies and mothers

from 0 to 1 years

SIMPLE Method training

Designed for professionals interested in working with children

SIMPLE method for your child’s synchronized development. If not now, when?
Who is Violeta Kisimova
Violeta Kisimova - psychologist

Violeta Kisimova has diverse professional qualifications, but her real passion is working with children.

After years of experience, dedication and observation, Violeta develops and validates an authentic SIMPLE method of work and founded the Institute Development ReStart.

She is pleased to assist dozens of children in their development.

Our customers
Visible favorable results! My child visits the institute with pleasure and expectation! Incredible specialist
Irina Angelova
Development ReStart provides to your child/kid a different approach how to face the reality, how to communicate with other people, how to experiment and learn new things, how to follow rules and understand what is allowed and what is forbidden. It allows the kid to choose a different path to develop itself and approach it with confidence. For the parents, it allows them to reconsider their attitude to their children and understand better how to communicate with their children and much more. Thanks VioLeta Z. Kisimova for all your efforts and great job.
Ilian Dimov
Заслужава си! Нека подкрепим децата си в тяхното израстване!
Ваня Стаменова​
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Development ReStart Institute offers the SIMPLE method for balanced child development, created by Violeta Kisimova – psychologist, founder of Development ReStart.