Violeta Kisimova – psychologist, founder of the Development ReStart Institute

Violeta Kisimova is the founder of the Development ReStart Institute and a psychologist dedicated to working with children.

Violetta works by using the child’s natural mechanism for self-regulation and cultivation – the game. Over the last 10 years, her efforts have been focused on finding effective ways to support child development. In 2017, she began developing her own method of working with children, which she calls SIMPLE.

Виолета Андреева

Qualifications and competences

  • New Bulgarian University – Sofia
  • Chiron Institute of Psychodramatic Practices – Bulgaria
  • Szenen – Institut für Psychodrama Köln, Germany
  • Institute for Family Therapy

  • Founder and Managing Director of the Development ReStart Institute;
  • Psychologist;
  • Psychomotor Analyst;
  • Family consultant;
  • Assistant „Psychodrama Therapist for Children and Adolescents”;
  • Assistant „Psychodrama Therapist for Adults”;

Violeta says about herself:

I love to dream and to fulfill my dreams. The method SIMPLE  and the Development ReStart Institute are some of my dreams come true. When I create, I always do my best. I believe that every person is perfect in their own unique way. It is this uniqueness that I seek, cherish and develop in the children I work with. I like the high standard of living and achieve it with good mental hygiene.

Violeta looks like a fairy tale fairy – kind and smiling. She believes in the good and has a spontaneous interest in people’s feelings. It has an elegant style and a charismatic presence.

The successful formula for Development ReStart is SIMPLE!