Development ReStart is a health promotion institute designed to support, encourage the development of children and parents.

Health is a state of complex physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social prosperity, not just the absence of illness or disability. World Health Organization. (2006). Constitution of the World Health Organization – Basic Documents, Forty-fifth edition, Supplement, October 2006.

In a collaboration with ArhiEng, the Development ReStart Institute offers a comprehensive solution to strengthen and upgrade the resources of the entire family. Helps the child and its parents to adapt to different types of physical and public environment and circumstances. It allows  healthy handling of the demands and challenges of daily life and improvement of its quality.

А founder of the institute is Violeta Kisimova – psychologist and  author of the innovative SIMPLE method for working with children from 0 to 7 years.

Development ReStart values

  • respect for yourself and others
  • respect for privacy
  • responsibility for our actions
  • tolerance for unconventional
  • non-violent communication
  • honesty
  • perseverance
  • resistance
  • quality
  • dedication
  • the joy of life

The SIMPLE method

The SIMPLE method by Development ReStart gives the child an advantage in its motor, mental and emotional development.

SIMPLE is a safe and encouraging environment in which the child is able to:

  • unleash its own potential
  • learn by trial and error
  • to develop his inner motivation
  • to interact with pleasure with the world around him
  • to enjoy life

The successful formula for Development ReStart is SIMPLE!